Community Information

Residence Ownership Information

You of course own your own lot and house. Keys Landing HOA owns and maintains the 5 acre +/- park behind our houses and the two docks on the Novato Creek. You are free to dock a boat if you have one at either dock. Connecting to the electrical power at the dock is currently an $8 surcharge on your monthly dues. There is potable water to the docks (unless is has been temporarily shut off to deal with a water leak- a big financial hazard). If you plan to use the water, we recommend you flush out the pipe for a good while prior to filling any holding tank in your boat. You may notice the west end of the east dock is often up on mud, which is a random process changing from year to year. Dredging the creek and the BMK lagoons is a much longer conversation, which it is asked to use contact form on this website to inquire.

As a BMK home owner you have the right to use the lagoons & locks, as well as the boat ramps. You can get a card key to the ramps & locks from the BMK Community Services District. (o.415 883-4222, ). There is a non refundable $50 cost for the card key. If you have any questions about the boat and ramp use, please check in with the CSD office at the Community Center located at BMB Blvd. & Montego Key. The BMK CSD maintains the boat ramps to the lagoons.

HOA Member Information

The rule for sharing HOA member lists with the members was recently changed so that it should be available on request. If you would like to receive the contact list, please inquire via the Contact Form located below. The HOA Committee will validate you are an authorized member to receive this information and send it to you via email.

Boat Ramp Information

Accessing the ramp on the North side of Bahama Reef is currently closed, while the one on the South side is open. The CSD replaced the floating docks at the ramps a several years ago and they closed the Bahama Reef North ramp after removing the old dock as the South lagoon is interconnected with a channel at the East end Bahama Reef, so access to both is possible via that ramp and the East lock on Novato Creek.

The North lagoon can be accessed via the ramp at BMK and Calypso Shore, or via the West lock on Novato Creek. (Visible from the North end of Calypso Shores.)

Community Center Information

The Community Center can be rented for events. This includes the kitchen and community oriented Bare Room rental. More information can be found here.

Recreational Activities

Aside from boating, kayaking and stand-up paddle boards are permitted to be used.