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We've built this site to give you all the resources you need as a member; get information, send feedback, download forms, or even pay your assessment using PayPal. Everything you need is right at your fingertips and in one place. Our goal is to improve transparency so you know who the board is, how it functions, problems it faces, and what things cost. We use the internet to accomplish these goals, to reduce our costs and for better communications.  For example, important document are are here and can be viewed and/or downloaded anytime.  We send out monthly invoices, meeting notices, newsletters and other communications to over 90% of the membership using email.  We would like to make that 100%, but need your written permission.  You can switch back to US Mail or change your preference anytime.  Give it a try and help us save all of us money.  Just send an mail authorizing us to send your statements and/or notices to:

And, even if you don't have an email account (or would rather use a different one), we'll provide you with a new one absolutely free!  That's right, we will provide you with a new email handle and a web-mail address to access your email anywhere, anytime, from any computer.  Imagine, the status of having and a web-mail site to access it, free! All you need is a computer and internet access. 

We hope you will enjoy browsing the Keys Landing Homeowners Association website. We will continue to make changes to improve communication, make it easier to find forms and information and even build a better community. Your opinion counts so give us feedback!  Contact to let us know your concerns, problems, opinions or needs.  



The Keys Landing HOA was incorporated in 1980 to maintain and manage our 4 plus acres of common area and the boat dock development. These are property of and jointly owned by our 28 homeowner members.   The board is comprised of 3 elected volunteer directors who serve a three-year term. Each year, the board elects 4 officers including President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The board establishes and enforces policies, rules and manages the daily affairs of the corporation. They meet quarterly at the Bel Marin Keys Community Center at 4 Montego Key. 

The board’s role is to maintain our common area and boat dock development and primary mission is shaping these facilities to enhance the recreational opportunities of member. The park area includes a large beautiful lawn, ideally suited for picnics, freebie, touch football, ball toss, or just relaxing. Newly added in 2012 is a tree canopy shade area that incorporates the natural shade provided by a large willow tree interconnecting with several other trees on a bark lined path to the main pathway.  It includes a water fountain, picnic table and trash cans.  The surrounding natural area includes many trees, bushes, wild grasses and a tidal marsh wetland area. Our park is home to many species of birds and animals common to the Novato Creek habitat They include the Northern Harrier, Great Horned Owl, Barn Owl, Red Tail Hawk, Cooper Hawk, Killdeer, American and Snowy egrets, Muskrat, River Otter and the many other birds, aquatic species. Our two 350' floating docks are equipped with water and electricity to support the boating needs of our community. The west dock is in a state of disrepair due to lack of dredging in the creek and damage that occurred several years ago. However, a plan is currently underway to obtain the permits to repair, modify and extend this dock into deeper water. Accordingly, this dock will be substantially shortened from 350’ to 200’ to better fit our needs and blend in with the natural curve of the creek. Look for completion of this activity in the fall of 2014. 
In summary, the board’s mission is to maintain our park and facilities, both to enhance the recreational opportunities of our members as well as preserve and increase their home values. Our philosophy is to maintain our common area as a natural habitat balanced with the goal of supporting member activities in a safe, secure and quiet environment.
Finally, this website is a tool for our members. It is meant to make board activities more transparent, make it easier to obtain information about the association, be more convenient for members to locate resources, find notice of meetings, report problems or know who to contact. It is also designed to inform the community and business community about Keys Landing, “Jewel of Bel Marin Keys”. Member comments are always invited! Contact:  


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